Why Choose a SCHBA Member?

Why should I choose a SCHBA Member?Find a Building Professional in the SCHBA Member Directory

Hiring professionals to work on your home is a big commitment that can be intimidating. SCHBA Members are reputable, professional builders and tradespeople serving Sheboygan County.SCHBA Members are Professional Home Builders and Tradespeople serving Sheboygan County

Our Member Directory is a great place to start your search for builders, contractors, and tradesmen in Sheboygan County. Our membership requirements ensure that our builder members meet certain standards, giving you peace of mind that you are considering quality professionals to help you build the home of your dreams!

Credentials and Standards

Each of our builder members must provide proof of certification as a contractor with the state of Wisconsin, as well as proof of liability and other insurance. We also take steps to ensure that our members have good financial and legal standing as well as the respect of their peers. Think of it as our way of “pre-screening” candidates for your building or remodeling project.


Our builder members must be currently working in the home building profession and must have completed five major projects in the past five years to be considered for membership. Our members must provide references from other professionals working in the trades so that we can verify their professional experience and reputation in the area.


SCHBA provides continuing education opportunities. Seminars on subjects like building codes, federal regulations, environmental and safety issues, and business management are offered through SCHBA and our parent organizations, the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). We provide up-to-date resources and encourage our members to continue to educate themselves and grow as professionals.


Our members must adhere to our SCHBA Code of Ethics. By signing this agreement, they pledge responsibility to the customer, honesty as a guiding business policy, and agree to build with your health and safety in mind.

If you are considering building a new home or remodeling your existing home, take the time to find quality construction and building professionals. Make the SCHBA Member Directory your first stop!